Home Sample Collection Available at Medray Diagnostic Center

Your physician orders lab tests to diagnose, treat, manage, or monitor your condition and you have decided to get it done at the comfort of your home.

With increased laboratory instrumentation & automation and technology advancements, the accuracy of results in laboratory (or analytical) phase has become smaller concern. However, the pre-analytical stage, the way the blood test sample is collected, pre-processed, stored and transported is an important step.


Home Sample Collection Procedure at Medray Diagnostic Centre

The process begins with the collection of a sample of blood, which is then taken to our laboratory where it is uniquely identified and examined to make certain that it is appropriate for the testing as ordered by your physician.

Proper handling is an important part of obtaining accurate and timely laboratory test result.

Samples are collected using a proper technique by our Phlebotomist or our well trained technician, use of proper sterilized containers, which are rightly labeled and promptly transported to our laboratory.

At Medray, we understand and take our responsibility very seriously. We follow the optimal sampling and sample handling procedures to ensure quality results for all our customers. Whatever it takes for a healthy tomorrow.

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