MRI 1.5T

MRI in Sanjay Nagar, MRI Scan is a non-invasive scanning procedure that uses highly strong magnetic field and radio frequency waves to generate detailed images of the organs and structures inside of the human body. MRI scan gets into the level of tissues, to detect diseases, anomalies in our body.

MRi in Sanjay Nagar, MRI scan can be specifically performed on each body part or organ to get different slices of images and thereby diagnose related medical conditions. The images generated by the MRI scan is highly detailed and show even the smallest abnormality.

Though MRI is a non-invasive test procedure, sometimes Radiologist inject a dye or contrast agent (Gadolinium) into our vein to enhance the clarity of the images of certain tissues and body’s internal structure, so as to bring diagnostic accuracy.

  1. Diet and Medicines: Regular routine diet and Medicines can be followed unless specifically instructed for change by your physician.
  2. Clothes: Loose fitting clothes with no metal fasteners.
  3. Jewellery and other metal accessories to be removed before the scan to avoid interference of metal objects with the magnetic field of the MRI unit.

         Accessories include the following:

  • watches, credit cards and hearing aids, all of which can be damaged
  • pins, hairpins, metal zippers and similar metallic items, which can distort MRI images
  • removable dental work
  • pens, pocket knives and eyeglasses
  • body piercings
  1.   Important inputs from the Patient: Patients are required to inform the radiologist

    4(a). For the presence of following in your body.

  • Cochlear Ear Implants or other hearing devices
  • Aneurysm Clips
  • Metallic implants, metal plates, pins, metal coils, screws, stent, surgical staples
  • Cardiac Pacemakers and Defibrillators
  • Artificial Heart Valves
  • Nerve Stimulator implants.
  • Artificial Limbs or Metallic Joint Prostheses.

   4(b). If you are in the First Trimester of Pregnancy.
   4.(c). If you are Claustrophobic ( fear of closed surfaces) – You may require asking your physician for a mild sedative before the scan.
   4(d) If you are Diabetic or have Kidney Problems -The doctor might want to check if your Kidney can discard the contrast agent from the body.

  1. Scan Duration: At Medray Diagnostics, the total duration of MRI scan is comparatively less. 
  2. Children may be given mild anaesthesia before the scan on the prescription of Physician.
  3. If there is a requirement, you may be given an injection of dye or contrast agent into your arm.
  4. After the scan, you may be asked to drink lots of fluids to get your kidney remove the dye from your body.