4D Ultrasound Scan

4D Ultrasound Scan is a medical advancement and a gift for soon to be parents to see their little bundle of joy even before its birth.The experience would undoubtedly be out of the world!!

Medray Diagnostics has made possible for expectant parents to experience this surreal moment.

This Latest Scan high-frequency sound waves to produce create a live video effect, like a movie showing the motion of the fetal heart wall or valves, or blood flow in various vessels.

4D Ultrasound Scan detects defects such as Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate which might not be possible to detect in regular ultrasound. This technique is identical to 2D and relies on the use of ultrasound. But unlike 2D ultrasound, which shows fetal “cuts” and 3D ultrasound for exploring and traveling in these areas, 4D ultrasound introduces time. By associating the dimension of time with the images in 3D, one obtains a video of the baby.

Though the 4D Ultrasound Scan does not require much preparation, the only preparation recommended is

  • To drink lots of water two to three weeks before the scan date, so that it helps in getting a clearer image of the baby during the scan.