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An OPG is commonly performed to assess various dental issues such as:

  • Evaluation of Wisdom Teeth: Assessing the position and development of wisdom teeth.
  • Detecting Dental Problems: Identifying cavities, infections, and abnormalities in the teeth and jawbone.
  • Planning Orthodontic Treatment: Aiding in the planning of braces or other orthodontic procedures.
  • Evaluation of Jaw Injuries: Examining fractures or other trauma to the jawbone.

Preparation: You will be asked to remove any jewelry or metal objects in the head and neck area. It's important to inform our staff if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy.

Procedure: You will be positioned in front of the OPG machine and asked to bite gently on a sterile mouthpiece while standing or sitting upright. The machine will rotate around your head to capture the X-ray images. It's crucial to remain still during the procedure for clear and accurate images.

Duration: An OPG typically takes a few minutes to complete, and the entire process is painless and non-invasive.

Post-Procedure: Our radiographer will review the images to ensure their quality before providing you with further instructions. You will be informed about when to expect the results of your OPG.